Fake Titty Massage of Kourtney Kane a Brunette Pornstar

While I myself prefer the natural titty ladies, there’s a whole lot of people that would prefer to see a fake titty massage, especially of a girl as sexy as Kourtney Kane, a popular brunette pornstar.

Brunette Pornstar with Fake Tits Gets a Sexual Massage Session

Full Length 720 HD Titty Massage Video @ Massage Creep : .WMV, 52:05, 988MB, 1250×702 HD, 2,600k

It looks like she didn’t stop at just the titties when she visited her doctor slash surgeon too. Her lips looks to be fattened up with botox much in the same way her titties got expanded.

She clearly likes the gym too, with a tight ab midsection and long slender legs that would be worthy of an erotic massage themselves.

If you’re a big fake titty massage fan and love to watch sexy women get massages, you could do a lot worse than this scene from Massage Creep, one of our favourite massage porn sites.


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Huge Floppy Tits of Busty Euro Girls in Wet Bubble Massage

I know it’s not strictly massage related, but the huge floppy tits of these two girls was just too much to pass up when looking for things to post here. I know Boob Massage Videos is mostly about massage porn scenes, but I think this totally qualifies too.

Super Busty Natural Floppy Tits in Soapy Bath Playing with Boobs

Full Length 1080p HD Video @ DDF Productions : .MP4, 18:25, 1.11GB, 1920×1080 HD, 8,500k

The two busty euro girls are Sirale on the left, and Lataya Roxx on the right. This part of the scene begins with Lataya Roxx getting white lotion squeezed onto her amazingly massive floppy tits. A pair of funbags if I’ve ever witnessed a set. It’s hard to imagine another rack that could improve on these two beauties.

Sirale uses both of her hands to massage the big natural breasts of Lataya, shaking, squeezing and caressing them. Honestly she looks like she’s having alot of fun with them, pretty much exactly what I’d be doing given half a chance. She’s definitely got a couple of heavy handfuls, both of these girls do. Not easy to handle in a wet bubble massage like this. Another great busty lesbian video from DDF!

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Massage Porn in Full 720p a High Definition Video

Massage porn is always better in HD, as you can see everything so much clearer. I prefer full 1080p HD, but honestly on smaller sized computer monitors 720p is good enough. It’s only when you get into TV’s around 60″ and larger than 1080p really starts to matter. I know I sometimes watch porn in full HD on my high definition TV, how about you? But for the most part I watch my massage porn sitting in front of my computer screen as I’m sure most of you do.

Busty Teen Gets Breasts Massaged in Full 720p HD Massage Porn

Full Length 720p HD Video @ HD Massage Porn : 34:53, 1.00GB, 1280×720 HD, 4,000k

Here we have a dark haired teen from Europe named Mandie, a busty girl with natural breasts who looks great on the massage table. She looks pretty nervous, and seems to give her male massage therapist a deep staredown when he removes the green towel from her boobs and sees her titties for the first time. Searching for approval I’m sure, to see if she can gauge any sort of reaction from him as to whether her boobs are sufficient or what.

Let me clear it up. Mandie, your tits are just fine. More than fine. Better than good. Happy they’re in this massage porn today myself!

Busty Mandie has small nipples, meaty breasts probably D cups or at least a very large C cup, a tight tummy and a shaved pussy. She lies ina  pool full of baby oil, as it’s been very liberally applied and has run down her body, soaking the sheets beneath her on the massage table.

HD Massage Porn

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Soapy Boobs of Nicole Smith in Rooftop Tub Tease

I hadn’t heard of Nicole Smith before (or her soapy boobs!), she must be some kind of Euro girl that hasn’t made the rounds through the US yet. Or I’m just totally out of the loop and she’s from America! Who knows. I think I’ll look for more of her scenes before I try to find out more about her though.

She’s a sexy dark haired girl with heavenly proportions from head to heel. Super sexy woman by all accounts.

In this scene from 1By Day she’s on a rooftop patio, and having already given us a nice strip tease she’s eased herself into the hot soapy bubbles of the rooftop tub where she continues to tease us into submission. She spends most of the time massaging her soapy boobs and showing them off to the eager cameraman, so I figured it fit in nicely here. Who wouldn’t like the rack on this chick? A gorgeous set of titties.

Dark Haired Euro Girl Rooftop Bath in Soapy Bubbles

Full Length 1080p HD Video @ 1By-Day : .MP4, 14:48, 1.25GB, 1920×1080 HD, 12,000k 

Love the setting too, nothing like a sun lit rooftop patio free for the world to see while you shoot some a sexy girl and her soapy boobs in a porn film!

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Nipple Massage on Natural Breasts from Nubiles

Nubiles is one of the best teen sites ever, hard to believe they only started in 2004. They’ve recently started a brand new site called Nubile Films that’s hoping to compete with the best erotic porn offerings of today like X-ArtSexART, etc. It’s just 2 months old so far, you can read my reviews of Nubile Films here (and here!) if you wish.

Elena is giving herself a nipple massage of her big natural breasts in this workout video. She does some light stretching, and when her nipple slips out of her top she gets some devious ideas and begins to get horny. One thing leads to the next and soon she’s circling both of her pencil eraser nips with her index fingers.

Elena Pinches and Pulls Her Perfect Pencil Eraser Nips, a Self Nipple Massage on Film

Full Length 720p HD Video @ Nubiles : .WMV, 9:13, 240MB, 1280×720 HD, 3500k

If you love nipples I find it hard to believe that you wouldn’t love this nipple massage video clip. Elena has some amazing tits that just scream to be suckled upon. Breastsicles, really. Perfect titties, perfect nips, and a great ass too.

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Big Black Tits Creamy White Lotion Ebony Massage

Maserati explains in this ebony massage video that she’s never understood what all the fuss was with her big black tits. I have a hard time believing her. Look at these fuckers! They’re huuuuge! What a rack. And all natural too.

Maserati Big Ebony Boob Massage All Natural Crazy Huge Big Black Tits

Full Length Video @ SCORELand : .WMV, 39:37, 424MB, 640×360 SD, 2,500k

She’s getting her super sized large ebony melons rubbed down with some creamy white lotion in this massage scene. They get the camera man to help, and after some trouble getting his squirt bottle to achieve ejaculation, it finally chucks up some creamy white yogurt onto her black bazongas.

After they’re done playing with her big black tits during the interview, they conclude that things have progressed quite nicely and it’s time to shut the fuck up and start the scene in earnest. Her white boytoy licks and nibbles at her nipples and does more massaging, now that her boobs are thoroughly moisturized with the motion lotion. It’s a hardcore scene so they eventually have sex and whatnot.

I forgot how good some of the SCORE content was, and they’ve always had the bustiest natural girls around. I’ll try to post more from them going forward.

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Magic Hands Perform Hot Girl Massage

Madison is the name of the little hottie in this scene titled the same as this blog post – magic hands perform hot girl massage. She’s a sexy young brunette with a big smile, she’s obviously quite ticklish and looks like a total amateur. When I say that what I mean is that she looks a bit nervous, uncertain and as if everything is a total new experience for her. We’re all very happy that Madison here worked up the courage and guts to get naked on film for the internet to see.

I’m not sure if she has a complete two word “pornstar name” as the site only lists her as Madison, like they do with all their models.

Brunette Euro Girl Madison Lying Naked Getting Her Breasts Massaged at a WTF Pass Massage Porn Site

Full Length 720p HD Video @ HD Massage Porn : .MP4, 40:05, 1.03GB, 1280×720 HD, 3,500k

She’s got a real nice pair of perky tits and they even stand quite at attention as she’s laying on her back with all the force of gravity pushing them down into her chest. I think it’s because she has relatively pointy nipples and they’re very hard with all the attention of the magic hands her masseur is manhandling her with.

An orange or red coloured towel covers up her pussy for almost the entire scene, so we can see all of her nude body except for the small part across her crotch where the towel covers up her private bits.

When the towel is finally removed there are just a few seconds remaining in this short video clip, but we can see she has a tight little shaved pussy, completely hairless. She gasps a little as her massage therapist removes the towel, as it might be the first time she’s ever shown her pussy to the camera like this most likely. From there things continue in the full length video, and she gets fucked pretty hard by this guy. There’s no cumshot at the end of the video though, very strange indeed. Unfortunately this boob massage video just kind of ends abruptly. Poor form!

HD Massage Porn

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Bridgette B. Busty Massage at Pornstar Spa

Bridgette B. busty massage videos are second to none, because she’s second to none in the titty department. She’s fully stocked on all 6. She wasn’t sure what to expect after booking a massage with a masseur that her friend recommended. She realizes eventually what’s going, but only after he leads her hand to his crotch to show her how hard he is.

The breasts on this girl are quite the feat. She’s got scarring around her nipples, so surely she’d had implants, but they’re still so soft and lovable, not strapped to her chest under tight skin. Maybe Bridgette B. was already busty when she got breast implants to make them even bigger. Whatever she did, it worked.

This Bridgette B busty massage scene is from the site Pornstar Spa, part of the Bang Bros network.

This is as much a breast worship video as it is a boob massage one. He does spend a lot of time giving her a slow soothing titty rub, but it seems he’s obsessed with them a little much and is hoping a genie pops out as he strokes them perhaps.

Busty Blonde Bridgette B Big Titty Massage and Blowjob

Full Length 720p HD Video @ Pornstar Spa : .MP4, 33:36, 735MB, 1280×720 HD, 3,000k

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Lylith Lavey Big Natural Tits of Blonde Massaged

The start of this video clip is the tail end of both voluptuous blonde Lylith Lavey and her sensual and erotic back massage. He paid a lot of attention to her inner thighs, getting dangerously close to her pussy many times, so she’s in sexual beast mode, ready to fuck right then and there.

But no! First a boob massage awaits Lylith Lavey on this fine day, because with big natural tits the size of hers, you just can’t leave them hangin’ like that. She rests herself on her elbows, fully naked on the massage table so she can get a better view and watch her male massage therapists hands at work. Lylith Lavey had heard much about his healing hands, and looked forward to her time wit him all week.

He uses a lot of massage oil and really shines her skin up until it’s reflecting light from all curves. We get a nice pussy rub massage in this Dirty Masseur video too, about three quarters of the way through.

Lylith Lavey You Massage So Show Me Breast and Pussy Massage Video

Full Length 720p HD Video @ Dirty Masseur : .MP4, 32:31, 953MB, 1280×720 HD, 3,800k

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Nude Massage Session With Spicy Brunette Natalie

Stealing this title directly from the scene itself, Natalie is the young spicy brunette having her nude massage session. She’s a skinny Russian girl whose laid out and relaxing, fully nude except for a pair of light blue towels that are covering her pussy mound and small breasts. The towels kind of match her thick bracelet that she’s wearing on her right arm, as well as her long beaded necklace. I wonder if they planned that or if it was just a happy coincidence.

Small Breasted Teen Girl Natalie in Nude Massage Session at WTF Pass

Full Length 720p HD Video @ HD Massage Porn : .MP4, 45:00, 1.2GB, 1280×720 HD, 3700k

Natalie has a tanned body, tight stomach, long legs since she seems pretty tall, and small little boobs. Her massage therapist begins by working on her tummy, then moving up to her breasts for her nude massage session. He does a really good job of keeping her comfortable and not letting the towel move very much as his hands work on her little breasts underneath. He asks if she’s comfortable removing the opaque protector, and she agrees it’s better without it.

When the towel comes off and her boobs are exposed, he again puts all of his attention toward her tits and massage them both, giving a few firm squeezes of each nipple. Then he works on them individually, before getting some more massage oil on his hands for that extra slippery effect. He moves to her biceps for a brief moment (so as not to see like a total pervert I suppose) then back to her chest before sliding his hands down her body and giving her pussy a quick once over. She spreads her legs slightly to show she’s okay with it, and even bites on her bottom lip for some added sex appeal, and to deal with all the tingly sexual sensations that are coursing through her young tight body. It’s not every day she gets a full nude massage session like this, or even being naked in front of a hot guy like this.

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