Hegre Art Massage super high resolution pics 10,000 x 7514

Hegre Art Massage is an entire section of the nude art website Hegre-Art, which was once called Hegre Archives by Petter Hegre from Norway, but changed names a few years ago. They’re the masters of super high resolution pics, and so I thought I’d share just how incredible these images look up close.

This is a single picture of the lovely young model named Caprice whose featured in many sets at Hegre Art. This scene is titled Climax Massage. I’ve supplied a download link so you can view it locally on your computer or mobile tablet (or television for that matter).

Just how big are these pics? 1080p is a resolution of 1,920 x 1080 (width x height, in pixels). That’s enough pixels to fill a 60″+ big screen TV and have it look incredible during a movie. So you’ll likely be surprised to read that this picture is 10,000 x 7,514, or more than 5x the resolution of 1080p HD.

What?! How?! Well, they have a $45,000 camera for one. I don’t know of any other nude art site that releases their pics at this super high resolution other than Hegre Art.

Now you might think, why would I want to get pictures this big? The truth is you probably do and don’t at the same time. This is why they offer all their pics at 8 different quality settings to suit everyone. For browsing, you’ll likely want something much smaller that can fit on your screen. However! For those special images that you want to see at higher quality for closer closeup style inspection, that’s where these super high resolution nude art pics truly shine.

There are now over 60 erotic and tantric massage videos in the Hegre Art Massage section, and then there’s the entire rest of the site. An easy recommendation for anyone interested in high quality content of  erotic massages.

Super high resolution pic from Hegre Art Massage of Caprice

XXXXXL Super high resolution pic from Hegre Art Massage of Caprice at 10,000 x 7514 res

Super high resolution image from Hegre Art Massage

Click the thumbnail to view or right click save as to view this photo at full XXXXXL resolution.

Click here to visit Hegre-Art the main site, or click here to visit the Hegre Art Massage section. If you’d rather read a critical review first, see my Hegre Art reviews #1 here and #2 here

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