Japanese Breast Massage of Aliya at Tricky Masseur

I feel like the Japanese and I guess most Asians must love their breast massages because it seems that girls from Japan appear more often than normal in scenes at many of the massage sex sites that are out there. This one has a young teen Japanese girl known only as Aliya, who looks reserved but perky and energetic, and is clearly enjoying her day. She speaks Japanese in the video so this is a foreign language Japanese breast massage film. There are  English subtitles  the video clip thankfully for people like me who can’t understand a thing she says.

After finishing her butt massage (see my new ass massage blog here btw!) this Tricky Masseur asks lovely teen Asian Aliya whether she wants a breast massage. “Yes, sure” she politely says. With that this young petite Japanese girl pushes herself in the air, her small breasts dangling down with only sideboob showing, before she gets on her back and looks enthused for what’s coming. We can see she’s got a shaved pussy, a pierced belly button with a big red and silve barbell, a small gold chain and flat green earrings on.

Aliya Japanese breast massage free video clip from Tricky Masseur

Aliya Japanese breast massage free video clip from Tricky Masseur

Aliya’s  breast massage guy does a great job at massaging small boobs, she’s got maybe a small B cup I’d imagine, maybe still A’s. She’s got nice fat semi puffy nipples that would suit any sized breasts just fine, from her small perky little tits to a big set of gazongas.

She’s definitely still a teen, with the body and face to prove it. I wish I knew more about Aliya to have something to talk about, but she only goes by the one first name at the site this free video clip is from Tricky Masseur. If you know her full name please leave a comment below the video clip here on this page.

She holds her arms back against the towel her head is also lying on, and seems keen on watching his hands magically massage her small Japanese breasts firmly. She arches her back in pleasure as he rubs her chest and body, and smiles when he pulls out his “special device” – a magic wand vibrator. I thought I’d end the clip there, but he puts it on the low vibration setting and applies the magic wand to her breasts first, vibrating her nipples and little boobs. A Japanese breast massage video with Aliya and a magic wand? Count me in.

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Japanese Breast Massage of Aliya at Tricky Masseur, 7.1 out of 10 based on 16 ratings

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